Live to 100 Reseed Competition

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the Reseed competition which we ran in conjunction with Live to 100 with Dr Hilary Jones magazine.

We’ve had a fantastic response with over 2,900 entries! 50 lucky winners were selected at random to receive a set of the Reseed system absolutely free!

To show our appreciation for taking part in the competition, we will be offering exclusive promotions to the participants that entered via the Reseed website.
We will be emailing details of the promotion shortly so keep a look out!
Offer available for 30 days only!

The names of the winners are below:

Alexandra Sheach
Anna-Marie Donnelly
Barbara Stephenson
Brian Treagust
Christine Temlett
Claire Blaney
Colin Joyce
Danuta Myazor
David Collins
Debbie Patching
Devin Palmier
Dianne Parrinder
Edward Guerreiro
Eleanor Powell
Elisa Wright
Emma Davock
Ethan Sheehan
Fiona Lynne Edwards
Frances Heaton
Gary Duckett
Gary Topley
Harry Morrison
Helen Tovell
Honor Livesey
Irene Julian
Jennifer Thorpe
Joanne Jackson
John Dean
Jon Morris
Joy Winn
Judy Hardie
Katrina Wakelin
Kirsty Cooper
Kristy McLean
Liam Greenhalgh
Linda Pollock
Lindsey Clegg
Lyn Choak
Margaret Dunlop
Megan Drevets
Melissa Smith
Michael Rose
Natalie Swift
Natalie Tooley
Nicole Weis
Phill Ramsay Rebecca Holden
Rick Rawlings
Sarah Fleck
Sharon Rowse
Steve Thompson