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5 Ways to Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss

5 ways to prevent Seasonal Hair Loss

5 Ways to Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss

by Laura Polkinghorne


It is normal to shed up to 100 strands of hair a day. But if you are noticing that you’re a losing a lot more hair than this, then you may be suffering from Seasonal Hair Loss.

Seasonal Hair Loss is a common condition and occurs when the climate turns colder. This is because one of the main purposes of our hair is to protect the scalp from intense heat and UV rays. So when the weather is cooler, you tend to shed more hair as there is less need for the protection from the sun. 

Seasonal Hair Loss is mainly predominant in autumn and winter, but it can continue into spring especially if the weather remains colder.

Although this is not a major problem to worry about, there are some things you can do to help to minimise the amount of hair shedding.

  1. Nourish you hair from the inside
    Our hair needs enough minerals and nutrients, such as protein, biotin, iron, and vitamin A, C and E, in order to grow healthily, and this is even more so when experiencing seasonal hair loss. Taking a supplement, such as our R21 Micro-Nutrients Supplements can promote a healthy scalp and encourage natural hair growth right from the root. 
  1. Use a strengthening shampoo and volumising conditioner
    When experience seasonal hair loss, an essential yet simple way to help your hair is to use a shampoo and conditioner that strengthens your hair whilst cleansing your scalp. Our Fortifying Shampoo contains naturally active ingredients which increase volume and help wash away any substances that can block the hair follicles. It also strengthens the hair root to prevent further hair loss. The Ultra Volume Conditioner from the Reseed range is enriched with herbal proteins to bring volume and life back into dull, dry and damaged hair.
  1. Let your hair dry naturally
    Using a hairdryer after washing can cause your hair to becoming drier and more brittle, which can lead to further hair loss. The best option is to let your hair dry naturally. If possible, it helps even further to let your hair remain down, as a tight hairstyle can damage fragile hair, put strain on the scalp and encourage more hairs to fall out.
  1. Keep up the regular hair cuts
    You may be tempted to skip going to the hairdressers when your hair is shedding, but having a haircut won’t make your hair seem thinner. In fact, it is important to maintain your regular haircuts through autumn and winter, as this will get rid of dry hair and split ends, which can cause more damage to your hair.
  1. Avoid heavy styling products
    Hair shedding is natural, but you want to make sure it is only the loose hairs that are falling out. Heavy and sticky styling products such as mousses and gels can cause the healthy hair and loose hair to become entangled and cause more stress to your hair follicles. Using less or none of these products can help reduce the amount of hair lost during these seasons.


Seasonal Hair Loss

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