Deciphering Dandruff: More Than Just an Irritation

Dandruff, those dry, white skin flakes in your hair, is typically harmless but can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable due to its itchiness. Interestingly, dandruff isn't primarily about your hair or how frequently you shampoo; it's fundamentally rooted in the condition of your scalp.

The fundamental issue lies in an accelerated turnover of skin cells, where they grow and shed at an accelerated rate. The precise reasons behind this phenomenon remain somewhat elusive. However, it's suspected that a common fungus known as malassezia could play a role in the development of dandruff.

Dandruff may worsen during periods of heightened stress or illness. Additionally, cold and dry winter weather can trigger the onset of dandruff or exacerbate its symptoms, further highlighting the multifaceted nature of this scalp condition.

How to treat Dandruff?

For those seeking a solution to treat Dandruff, the use of Reseed R8 Botanical solution is a highly effective method a leave in solution, with noticeable benefits often observable after just one application.

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