Excess Sebum


Understanding Sebum and its Origins

Sebum, first and foremost, is the natural oil produced by your sebaceous glands, primarily situated on your scalp. These specialized glands serve a crucial function in nourishing your hair, much akin to the way oil glands elsewhere on your skin contribute to overall skin health.

The Vital Role of Sebum

Sebum is an indispensable element in maintaining the well-being and proper hydration of your hair, acting as a shield against the development of dry, brittle strands. It serves as a safeguard against undesirable hair conditions.

The Impact of Excessive Sebum Production

While sebum itself offers numerous advantages, an excessive production of this natural oil can result in the unwelcome appearance of oily, greasy hair that many strive to avoid. Striking the right balance involves skillfully managing sebum levels on your scalp and hair.

How to Regulate Excessive Sebum Production

For those seeking a solution to maintain optimal sebum secretion levels, the use of Reseed R8 Botanical solution is a highly effective method. It helps curb the excessive activity of sebaceous glands, with noticeable benefits often observable after just one application.


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