Georgios Story

Georgio, from Italian heritage, always had thick, long hair but at the age of 37, he noticed that his hairline started to recede and that the hair on the crown of his head was thinning greatly.

“There was no way of disguising my hair line” Gerogio says, “and the only way to hide my thinning crown was to wear a hat all time. And because my hair is dark, it was pretty noticeable. I was very conscious of my balding and lacked confidence because of it. I wanted to find a solution.” Georgio had also suffered from dandruff and noticed that his hair was more greasy than usual. After it was recommended by a family member, he decided to try the Reseed Natural Hair Loss Range.

“I’m really impressed with the results.”             

Georgio says: “I wanted to use haircare that was natural to make sure there weren’t any nasty side effects and something that I knew would work. So, Reseed ticked all the boxes for me. I wanted the maximum effect so used the whole range including the shampoo, conditioner, the solution, the serum and the supplements.”

“I followed the Reseed system which meant using the shampoo and conditioner when I usually washed my hair, and for the first two weeks I applied the serum 4 times a week, and took the supplement twice a day. Then from the weeks following that I applied the serum once a week and the solution twice a week.”

“My hair is stronger and thicker.”

After just the first time using the products, Georgio noticed new hair growth and has seen almost total regrowth since. He explains that his hair looks and feels healthier as well, with a significant improvement in the overall condition.

“I was and am really impressed with the results. So much so that I have continued to use the products after the first 12 week period. Reseed has really made a difference and I have felt my confidence come back too. My hair is stronger and thicker, and I haven’t seen any more hair loss.”

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