The Brand

At Reseed® we understand the impact that hair loss and thinning hair can have on our self-confidence, pride in appearance and general sense of well-being. That is why we have created and produced a hair loss range that achieves fuller looking, stronger and healthier hair.

The Reseed® hair loss system is based on 3 crucial steps:

• Prevent further hair loss

• Restore the hair follicles' normal functions to promote and support natural hair growth

• Strengthen weak and dormant follicles to re-grow healthy hair, reversing the effects of hair loss

Reseed® Products
- Our products use high performance, natural actives that work in synergy to prolong the hair’s life cycle.
- We use essential botanic extracts, pro-vitamins and minerals to stimulate and strengthen the hair follicles.
- Unique patented proteins and nutrient rich elements repair, nourish and condition the hair.
- Clean, herbal fragrances derived from natural extracts, refresh and invigorate the hair

Vision and Mission
- The Reseed® superb grade product range is formulated with the purest of ingredients and dermatologically tested.
- Reseed® is committed to using the finest, naturally active ingredients, which means we never comprise on quality.
- We ensure consistency in all our products, so you are guaranteed the maximum efficacy of all our ingredients

Corporate Responsibility
- We never test on animals and do not use ingredients made by manufacturers who commission animal testing.
- We are committed to conducting our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner and recognise the need to continually improve our operations, including encouraging our suppliers and contractors to maintain sound environmental practices and ensure compliance with environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements.

Research and Development
Such is our commitment to hair excellence, the Reseed® system has taken 15 years to develop.
Our enthusiastic team of highly experienced specialists have used the latest technology and innovations in the industry to develop and create the Reseed® Natural Hair Loss Range. We have continually invested in resources to deliver the most effective product range that you can trust to deliver long term results.