At Reseed, we understand that hair loss is different for each individual, with several factors such as childbirth, Alopecia and over straightening, braiding and dying the hair being the cause. In the UK alone, hair loss affects an estimated 8 billion women. We know it can have an effect on different aspects of our life, such as confidence and well-being. Our natural hair loss and scalp range has helped many people with a variety of hair loss and scalp conditions.

You can find below some the experiences of our Reseed Users, who have kindly given us permission to share their story and images on our website.

Janet's Hair Loss StoryJANET'S STORY

Janet has suffered from the most common type of Alopecia known as Alopecia Areata, which causes patches of baldness. She has suffered with this for a couple of years, with the hair loss on her crown becoming progressively worse over time. She was keen to try an alternative to previous treatments she had tried, and was recommended Reseed by a friend.

The Experience: Janet chose to use all the products in the Women’s Reseed range to holistically address the issue from all angles. Within a couple of weeks she had clearly noticed an improvement in the thickness of her hair and the speed of its growth.

The Results: Janet took the after photo at the end of the 10th week, and couldn't be happier with the results. Not only had the "hair loss stopped" and the area had seen "significant hair regrowth", the condition of the hair and scalp was far better, and she now feels the problem is under control and no longer a worry.

Products Used: Reseed R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum for Women, Reseed Gingko and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo for Women, Reseed Wheat Bran Ultra Volume Conditioner for Women, Reseed R21 Unisex Micro-Nutrients Supplements.

Womens Hair Loss - Case Study 2 TRIAL CASE STUDY 1

Suffering from thinning hair and Alopecia Areata, this participant (who wishes to remain anonymous) had tried various treatments in the past, with unsuccessful results. She therefore decided to take part in the Aspen Clinical Trial of Reseed products.

The Experience: The participant used the hero product from the Reseed range – our R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum. Initially sceptical, she felt “her hair became surprisingly thicker after a few uses” and noticed within a weeks that her “general hair condition was improving”.

The Results: After 8 weeks continual use the participant “was amazed that hair had regrown on her “patch”. She felt her hair was “softer, had greater body, and was more manageable”

Products Used: Reseed R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum for Women.

Lisa's Hair Loss Treatment Story


Chemotherapy is the main type of cancer drug treatment most likely to cause hair loss, and this was Lisa's experience with the treatment. The virtually complete loss of her hair made a terrible experience even worse, and Lisa was keen to use a treatment that would speed up her hair regrowth, a process which can take many months after Chemotherapy.

The Experience: After using several products from the range, Lisa found that her hair growth noticeably increased after only just a few days, bringing with it a new sense of optimism.

The Results: After 8 weeks continual use the results are clear. Lisa found the speed of her hair growth had increased. Her hair was thicker and had more body, and there was also a significant improvement in the overall health of her scalp.  

Products Used: Reseed R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum Serum for Women, Reseed Gingko and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo for Women.

Hair Loss Case Study 1 TRIAL CASE STUDY 2

Suffering from thinning, weak and brittle hair, this participant (who wishes to remain anonymous) agreed to take part in the Aspen Clinical Trial of Reseed products, mainly out of curiosity. 

The Experience: The participant’s first impressions of the Reseed products were that they “had a nice fragrance and well-designed bottles”. After a week of use, she found there were already signs of “increased body and volume”, and she liked the shine it gave her hair.

The Results: After 8 weeks of continual use she felt the combination of the Reseed Shampoo and Serum had “helped her hair grow thicker”, and had added “more bounce and volume”. She believed the Reseed Shampoo was “excellent…refreshing and cool”. She was incredibly “pleased with the overall improved condition” of her hair.

Products Used: Reseed R12 Tri Peptide Active Serum for Women, Reseed Gingko and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo for Women.

Michelle's Reseed Hair Care Story


After normally washing her one day, Michelle George made a shocking discovery. To her horror, she had a massive bald patch at the back of her head. As a fashion, beauty and music photographer and working in that industry, she had tried various and different high-end shampoos and haircare. 

The Experience:

The first thing that Michelle noticed when using the Reseed Hair Loss range was the improvement of the condition of her hair. She explains that it became shiner, softer and definitely felt a lot stronger as well.

After just a month of using the products, she began to notice her hair growing backing.

“I must say I’m really pleased because I do see that my hair is coming back. I especially see it clearly when I look back over the pictures on my phone and compare what it was like to start with, to what it is like now.” Michelle was so impressed with the products that she decided to also start taking the Reseed supplements.  

The Results: After 12 weeks continual use. “I’ve noticed phenomenal results! My hair is in a much better condition and overall I’m really happy that my hair is back to the way it was previously.”

Products Used: Reseed R12 Tri Peptide Active Serum for Women, Reseed Gingko and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo for Women.