Michelle's Story

After normally washing her one day, Michelle George made a shocking discovery. To her horror, she had a massive bald patch at the back of her head.

“I couldn’t see it at her first, but I realised it felt particularly smooth at the back of my head” Michelle says, “so I got my phone and took a picture. And to my shock and horror, I realised I had a bald patch.” Michelle had been noticing at the time, that the condition of her had deteriorated and that it was becoming unmanageable with a strange texture.

With all different kinds of possible health conditions running through her head, Michelle went to her family GP, where she was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. This condition usually causes small, round patches of baldness on the scalp. After consulting with her GP, she realised there was nothing that they could do for her or a treatment that she was comfortable with. It was then she was recommended the Reseed products by a friend. 

“I must say I’m really pleased because I see that my hair is coming back.”

Michelle says: “As a fashion, beauty and music photographer and working in that industry, I have tried various and different high-end shampoos and haircare. But I decided to use the Reseed products. I used the shampoo, conditioner, the solution and the serum. I stopped using all my other shampoos and conditioners, and these were the only things I used.

“I left the shampoo in for 3 minutes and only gave it one wash. I used the serum for the first 2 weeks, four times a week as it was recommended. And then once the 2 weeks were up, I started on the solution as well. So then I used the serum just one day a week and I used the solution twice a week.  I just put the serum to the bald patch, which was at the back of my head, but the solution I applied to the whole of the scalp and massaged it in for 5 minutes. And it was well worth it.”

“I’ve noticed phenomenal results! My hair is in a much better condition.”

The first thing that Michelle noticed when using the Reseed Hair Loss range was the improvement of the condition of her hair. She explains that it became shiner, softer and definitely felt a lot stronger as well.

After just a month of using the products, she began to notice her hair growing backing.

“I must say I’m really pleased because I do see that my hair is coming back. I especially see it clearly when I look back over the pictures on my phone and compare what it was like to start with, to what it is like now.” Michelle was so impressed with the products that she decided to also start taking the Reseed supplements.  

“I’ve noticed phenomenal results! My hair is in a much better condition and overall I’m really happy that my hair is back to the way it was previously.”

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