Top 10 tips for healthy hair for men

Top 10 tips for healthy hair for men

You may not think it, but men’s hair needs regular maintenance just as much as women’s, whatever the style or colour of your hair. So if you want to keep rocking that hairstyle, or generally want improve the condition of your hair, we’ve put together our top 10 tips to getting that healthy and strong hair you’re looking for.

  1. Avoid over-washing

The most common mistake we all make is over washing are hair. Using shampoo every day tends to make the hair even drier. As it is designed to wash away dirt, it can also strip away essential and natural oils on the scalp, which keep the hair soft and healthy. By reducing the amount of times you wash your hair to about once or twice a week and additionally using a conditioner, your hair will being to look and feel healthier. Plus, it will avoid losing the essential oils on your scalp, and a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.

  1. Use a conditioner

Following on from tip 1, you should use a conditioner every time you wash. A conditioner treats the hair differently to a shampoo, so is essential to add to your routine. Our Wheat Bran Ultra Volume Conditioner for Men is enriched with ingredients that strengthen the roots as well as moisturise and repair the hair.

  1. Dry your hair gently

We can all rush to get ready sometimes, thinking that the more we rub our hair the quicker it will dry. But hair is more prone to damage, and tends to be weaker when wet. So rubbing wet hair with too much force can lead to more breakage, as well as aggravating the scalp. We recommend that you pat the hair gently and leave to dry naturally when you can. For an even gentler approach, use a cotton t-shirt or micro-fibre towel.

  1. Less is more

When it comes to hair products, a little can go a long way. Using too much hair wax, gel or hairspray, for example, can make it appear greasy and heavy. Try to use a minimal amount of these products to achieve the look you want. You never know, you might create a more natural style that you like even better.

  1. Work from the inside out

A healthy and balanced diet is a guaranteed way to improve your hair, but sometimes we find it hard to get enough of all the nutrients and vitamins that our hair needs to grow strong. Using a supplement is an easy way to make sure that happens. Our Reseed R21 Micro-Nutrients Food Supplements have a mixture of vital ingredients that promote and maintain hair growth and a healthy scalp.

  1. Gentle massages

Life is busy and stressful, and this can take its toll on your scalp and hair. Gently massaging your head can not only help relieve any feelings of stress, but it can also stimulate the scalp and boost circulation to the hair follicles. This will as a result help healthy hair growth.

  1. Smooth movement

Combing should take some time and consideration. Don’t just yank or pull at the hair, as this will put stress on your scalp. Instead use a smooth and gentle movement, and ideally with a wide tooth brush or comb. Another tip for when styling you hair, is to avoid combing when it is wet, as this is when the hair is most vulnerable.

  1. Regular hair-cuts

As well as keeping your hair looking good, a regular trim can get rid of any damaged hair and spilt ends. Whether you have long or short hair, we recommend you get a haircut at least every 6 weeks, or every 4 weeks if you feel necessary. Plus, talk it through with your barber and find a hair style that suits your face shape, or a look that is the best option for thinning hair.

  1. Ditch the dryer

In an ideal world, leaving your hair to dry naturally is the best option for those wanting healthier and stronger hair. Excessive heat on the hair can make it dry and prone to breakage. But, we also know that using a blow dryer is one of the quickest ways to dry your hair, so if you must, try and use it on a low heat setting.

  1. Helmet hair

You may want to hide your hair, but constantly wearing a tight hat or helmet should be avoided. The friction between the hat and the hair can cause damage and breakages, as well as reducing the circulation to the scalp. If you prefer the look of hats, then try wearing one that is looser fitting.

So, whether you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning, or in need of revamping your hair care routine, we believe our tips will give your hair the care it deserves.

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