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Male Celebrities Famous for their Hair

Male Celebrities Famous for their Hair
Without a doubt celebrities lead the fashion and hair trends, we often take a picture of our favourite celeb to the hairdresser so we can look like them ourselves but some celebs are just as famous for their hair as they are for their talents. Here are some current male celebrities famous for their hair who you might want to take a tip or two from.

David Beckham - His hairstyles have been front page news since the 1990s and copied world wide. Some of the most memorable styles include that shaved mohawk, long locks and alice band, cornrows, curtains and the number 1 all over. I can’t think of another man who has changed their hair so much and successfully pulled them off too. David Beckham we salute you and your hair!

Kit Harrington - Those of you who have not seen Game of Thrones may not have heard of Kit Harrington but you probably recognise his face (or rather his hair). Kit has famously been forbidden to cut or change his hair while featuring in the hit show and I can see why. Men can only dream of having his wild, curly, long locks that tussle in the wind. Please Kit, never cut your hair!

Wayne Rooney - Losing your hair in your twenties isn’t fun for anyone, let alone someone of Rooney’s fame. Having his face in the papers every week and seeing a quickly receding hairline wasn’t for him so he famously underwent a hair transplant. Now his hair looks thick and healthy. Good move Rooney.

Justin Timberlake - When you think of Justin Timberlake you think of a well kept short shaven head which no man can pull off quite like Justin but he hasn’t always rocked such great hair. When Justin first shot to fame in the band N Sync he had short, tight yellow curls resembling a modern afro. Back then no one could imagine Justin without his famous blonde curls but I think we can all agree, his shorter locks suited him much better. Nowadays Justin has grown his hair a little longer and is keeping a more coiffed quif and as always, looks amazing.

Johnny Depp - Johnny is not only famous for his acting feets but also his changing hair. From Captain Sparrow’s dreadlocks to Edward Scissorhands’ messy spikes, Johnny’s hair has shaped the characters he has played but in real life he tends to keep his hair shoulder length which suits the bohemian actor to a tee.

Russell Brand - Comedian Russell Brand’s hair has changed over the years since he first started making us laugh on stage and screen. Early in his career his hair resembled more of a bird’s nest than a hairstyle but it has now developed to smoother, more polished long curls. The neater hairstyle Russell now sports, reflects his maturity after successfully battling drug addiction to become an even more successful actor, comedian and activist.

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