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What is the role of our hair?

What is the role of our hair?

Our hair can be an expression of our personality, a part of our look and who we are. At Reseed, we know that the way our hair looks can affect our self-confidence and sense of well-being. But hair isn’t just about our appearance. We also understand the science behind our hair.

There are many purposes for the hair on top of our heads. The main role of our hair is to provide protection against heat loss. It traps air next to the skin, creating an invisible layer which keep us insulated and warm during the colder seasons. Our hair also serves as a barrier to help protect the head from getting hurt, as well as protecting the scalp from being sunburnt. 

But with its many responsibilities, comes many factors that can affect the way the hair feels and looks, and the way it grows. The dynamics of the hair cycle differs between age, gender and across the different seasons. With age, the rate of hair growth slows, and there is less pigment, so we tend to produce thin, grey hairs. Added humidity in the summer can cause your hair to go dry and frizzy, whereas during the winter the hair becomes dehydrated as it battles with the wind and cold.

Our hair is also affected by our lifestyle. Constant use of damaging cosmetics, such as hair extensions and dying the hair, can damage the hair and scalp. Excessive use of heating items, such as a hairdryer or straighteners, can also cause breakages and damage. 

An imbalance of hormones can also affect the way in which the hair grows. For women, pregnancy and the menopause can cause the hair to thin, and in some cases cause hair loss. Our weight and diet can also be a factor, as the hair follicles need the correct amount of nutrients to grow healthy hair.

So, not only is it important to care for your hair in order for it to look the way you want, but also its important to look after your hair for it to keep doing all of the fascinating jobs it does.

Did you know?

  • The total number of follicles on the human scalp is approximately 150,000
  • Follicles are typically found in groups of 3
  • Each individual hair grows about 0.3 to 0.4mm each day
  • A single hair lives approximately 5 - 6 years
  • The average person sheds between 80 – 100 strands of hair every day.

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