Hair Loss

Hair loss and ageing

Hair loss and ageing

As we age, so does our hair follicles.  The rate of hair growth decreases and the pigmentation changes leaving us with thin, grey hair. Our scalp stops producing so much of the oil that keeps our hair conditioned, leading to dry, dull hair. In some cases, we can suffer from hair loss as we get older, with a notable loss of hair density on the scalp.

For women, this is largely due to a drop in oestrogen levels, which causes the effects of testosterone to amplify. The production of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT) is also more apparent, which can lead to hair loss. It is estimated that 6 million women suffer from hair loss in Britain alone, with a quarter of them being of the age between 50 and 69.

Hair loss in men is also primarily caused by DHT, which interestingly is also the hormone associated with hair growth on other parts of the body, such as the chest and back. Baldness in men can be hereditary and males can expect to begin to lose their hair at the same age as others in their family did.

So how can you help keep your hair healthy as you get older?

Embracing the natural grey colour will help maintain the condition of your hair, as constant dying and colouring can damage the hair. If you are really unhappy with the shade of your hair as you get older, then try highlights to blend with your natural colour using a semi-permanent dye, asking your hairdresser for the best options.

Try to also reduce the amount of hair styling products and hair spray that you use, as this can increase the coarse texture of the hair, and dry out the hair even more.

Another effective way to help maintain the strength and volume of your hair as you grow older is to use products that contain natural DHT blockers, such as Sabal Extract.

Our Fortifying Shampoo for Men and for Women have been specially formulated using bio-technology and contain natural, active ingredients that inhibit the production of DHT and the effects it has on the hair.

The inclusion of carefully selected natural ingredients provide several benefits to ageing hair, restoring and strengthening the hair, improving its condition and preventing further hair loss.

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