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The Best Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair

The Best Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair

We’ve put together some of the best hairstyles if you have areas of hair loss or thinning hair, recommend by professional stylists and hairdressers.

  1. The Buzz Cut
    This is the most common go-to hair style for men, as it’s simple and sleek without being as severe as a cleanly shaven head. Easy to manage, the shortness of the hair and the exposure of some of the scalp makes the appearance of thinning hair or patches less obvious. It also compliments a receding hair line.
  2. The Mop Top
    If you want to keep some length to your hair, then go for the mop top with shaggy layers. When the uneven layers on top are tussled around, the desired messiness gives the appearance of fuller looking hair. Or if you have a hairline you wish to hide you can brush it slightly forward across the forehead. It’s a very versatile look.
  3. The Barista Haircut
    This style means you have to embrace your hairline, but is a great way to subtly hide the crown of your head, if that is the affected area. The longer hair on top is pushed back, whilst the sides can be as short as you like. The blend of lengths and height on top makes the hair seem bigger and fuller.
  4. The Crew Cut
    The military inspired hairstyle gives the illusion of more hair, as the short sides contrast the longer hair on top, making it seem fuller. This style easily blends with thinning areas. The shortness of the hair on the side also reduces the difference between the temple and the sides of the head if you have a receding hairline.

These are just a few ideas, theres no right or wrong, it's what works best for you, certainly a 'mop top' won't suit everyone.

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