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5 Tips to Protect your Hair and Scalp from the Effects of Pollution

5 Tips to Protect your Hair and Scalp from the Effects of Pollution

The Effects of Pollution on your Hair and Scalp

by Laura Polkinghorne

Did you know that pollution is just as damaging to your hair as it is to the environment?
Dirt, soot and other pollutants in the air can gradually build up on the hair and scalp, which can cause the scalp to become inflamed and the hair to become dry, brittle and damaged.

It can be hard to combat, as it is something your hair is exposed to everyday just by walking outside, especially if you live in a city or urban area. However, there are certain things you can do to help lessen these negative effects on your hair.

  1. Cover your hair

The simplest way to avoid pollutants causing any damage is to stop them reaching your hair and scalp in the first place. Wearing a hat or head scarf can cover and protect the hair, shielding it form the pollution, which is particularly ideal in winter. If you have long hair, wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun will keep the sections of your hair concealed in your hairstyle form being exposed to the pollution.

  1. Avoid heavy styling products

As well as the alcohol in some hair styling products drying out your hair, the tacky or sticky texture of some of them can actually make it easier for the grime to stick and remain in your hair and on your scalp. Avoid using hair styling products such as hair spray, pomade and styling creams and instead opt for lighter options that absorb more easily, such as serums or lotions. Remember to make sure they are also alcohol free.

  1. Wash your hair less

This may seem like an odd tip, especially if you hair feels particularly dirty from being outside, but pollutants actually dry your hair out, so washing it more will dry it out even further. To make sure your hair is at its best, we recommend washing your hair every couple of days. When you do wash your hair, focus on massaging your scalp as it will clear the scalp of dirt as well as encourage circulation. Using our Reseed Sabal & Neem Fortifying Shampoo will also make sure that your hair is strengthened, refreshed and completely cleansed of pollutants, without stripping away the hairs’ natural oils.

  1. Be gentle with your hair

As pollutants can make your hair more dry and damaged, it can mean it is more prone to breakages. Excessive or vigorous brushing can cause the hair to break and damage even further. Make sure to take extra care when combing your hair, working from the tips of the hair and up towards the root. If possible avoid any heating products as well, such as straighteners and hairdryers.

  1. Protect your hair and scalp

Using a shampoo, conditioner and hair serum that strengthen your hair and sooth your scalp will give your hair that extra boost to protect itself against pollutants when you’re out and about. Our Reseed WheatBran Ultra Volume Conditioner is enriched with natural ingredients that strengthen the roots, as well as improve the hair’s moisture balance and resilience against pollutants. Using our Reseed R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum, with its reparative proteins and nutrient-rich active ingredients, will also help to keep your hair and scalp healthy.


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