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Q&A - Interview with Bio Organix Health Store

Interview with Bio Organix Health Store

Interview with Bakhat Khadka, owner of Bio Organix Health Store.

Bio Organix is a health store that focuses on the organic lifestyle, promoting wellness and health. Established in 2010, this independent store has won the award for Best Retail at the Camden Inspire Awards. Stepping into the store, you can find a range of products from organic health foods and vitamins supplements, to raw chocolate and natural beauty products. They also are a proud stockist of the Reseed Natural Hair Care Range for Women and for Men. The store is the go-to place for organic products and there is always an expert on hand who will gladly offer advice and assist customers.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Bakhat Khadka, the wonderful manager and owner of Bio Organix, to find out more about the health store.

  • So, Bakhat, tell us a bit about your health store.
    Bio Organix is an independent health store, located on Drummond Street, Euston in London. As you can tell, we obviously concentrate on the natural and health food market.
  • What are the key services that your store offers to its customers?
    At our health store, we offer all kinds of natural health foods and a range of natural products, which includes vitamin supplements, as well as natural and organic body care and hair care products.
  • And who would you say is your typical customer?
    Our customer base is mainly passing trade which is a combination of tourists, the locals who live in the area and the working people in the area.
  • What do you see as the future of the natural health store industry?
    The future is natural and organic. I believe more people will start using natural products rather than products with chemicals in them.
  • And finally, what is favourite Reseed product and why?
    My favourite Reseed product is the R8 Botanical Solution, as it helps hair growth and refreshes the scalp. I have even been using it myself for a few weeks now, but will let you know the full review and results after 3 or 4 months.
If you wish to find out more about Bio Organix Health Store, you can visit their website at

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