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Q&A - Interview with Bliss Pharmacy

Interview with Bliss Pharmacy

Interview with Eden Girmaye, Clinic Manager at Bliss Pharmacy

Bliss Pharmacy has been established for over 30 years and is one of London’s largest independent health and beauty retailers. Specialising in health, wellness, medical and beauty services, Bliss Pharmacy is passionate about helping and advising people in order for them to achieve their personal goals, and they have a highly experienced team of healthcare practitioners. 

Eden Girmaye, Clinic Manager at Bliss Pharmacy

We had the pleasure of speaking to Eden, clinic manager and expert skin consultant at Bliss Pharmacy, to tell us more about the pharmacy.   

  • My first question is what is your role in the pharmacy?
    I am the clinic manager at the pharmacy. So I perform facial treatments, but my day to day tasks involve looking after the brands we sell, which includes the Reseed Hair Loss and Scalp Care range. I make sure there is enough stock and check what needs to be ordered.
  • And can you tell me about Bliss Pharmacy?
    Bliss Pharmacy is located on Gloucester Road, South Kensington. And we have now opened a second branch on Marylebone Road. We are a pharmacy as well as a clinic, and we offer our customers a range of high end skincare and haircare lines. For our skincare, we have mainly French skincare lines. We sell and focus on products that are very natural-based and organic, as people now are more educated and conscious about what they use or put on their hair and skin. We also focus on vitamins and are based on health and well-being.
  • What are the key services that your store offers to its customers?
    At the pharmacy, we do private prescriptions, as well as travel injections. We also offer different treatments such as Botox and fillers, laser treatment and hair removal, and massages, offer the two branches.
  • And who would you say is your typical customer?
    Our customers usually consist of tourists, as well as the local people of different nationalities who live in the surrounding area. They come to Bliss Pharmacy for their prescriptions and any new, natural skincare and haircare ranges that may interest them and are beneficial to them. The demand is there, so whatever our customers need we have it, which makes us very different compared to other pharmacies. We really provide a large amount and range of skincare and haircare lines, and those who live close to us can come and easily pick up the products they want.
  • What do you see as the future of the pharmacy?
    I would say our future is to focus more on the individual customers, getting to know them, creating that connection and bonding with them. And we are always looking to expand our brands, and keeping up to date with new products that are out there. We also like to continue and support more individual businesses that are UK based. It would be nice to see more UK brands, one of them being Reseed which is doing really well for us.
  • And what do you see for the future of the industry in general?
    I think customers are looking for and using more natural products. Everything now is about health, what you consume, what you put on your skin and ingredients. Everyone is educated now and read everything, and getting wiser in a way. They read all about and know about the ingredients used in the products, so when we bring in any skin or hair related products, we make sure they are natural and/or organic. I would also love to see more products that are vegan friendly, because people are turning towards a healthier and greener lifestyle. So it would be nice to see brands focusing on that.
  • And finally, what is favourite Reseed product and why?
    My favourite Reseed products are actually the R21 Micro-Nutrients Food Supplements and the R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum for Women. I really love both of them. I have been losing some of my hair at the hairline near the front of my forehead, so have been using the serum to stimulate the hair there. I use the serum every day as I can massage it in and leave it in my hair. I also use the supplements, because the capsules are really good as they are natural based. My skin is usually oily and I get break outs, so the vitamins help with that and have been amazing for my body overall.

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